Esfandiar and Rostam | Sufi Collection

Esfandiar and Rostam | Sufi Collection


About the character: Esfandiar is an invulnerable prince and the son of Goshtasb, the Kiani king, who repeatedly promises handling over the kingdom to his son, but does not keep his promise after Esfandiar successfully carries out his father's orders. Finally, Goshtasb asks Esfandiar to go to Zabol and bring Rostam bound. Esfandiar rejects at first but accepts after discussing it with his father and prepares himself to go to Zabolestan. After the battles sparks between Esfandiar and Rostam, Simurgh shows Rostam how to kill Esfandiar, and teaches him how to make an arrow to hit the eyes of Esfandiar, his weak spot, and Esfandiar is killed by Rostam.

وحدة SKU: E-14007

23 1/5 × 14 1/5 × 4 7/10 in

[59 × 36 × 12 cm]

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