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Bahram Gour Hunting Fields by Mitra Kavian

Bahram Gour Hunting Fields by Mitra Kavian


One of the motifs repeated for many years in various visual arts in the Middle East is the role of hunting and hunting ground, and it can be considered one of the most frequent motifs of visual arts.
Hunting scene imagery has a long history in this Reagan, particularly in Persia. The stone reliefs of the hunting of the Assyrian kings and the reliefs of the hunting of the Bostan Arch, related to the Sassanid period, are examples of this type of art in the past. One of the most famous is a painting inspired by the story of Bahram and the maid, which shows Bahram Gore in the hunting ground. Afterward, in the post-Islamic centuries, mostly Iranian artists created another style of this composition by established techniques like Herat or Shiraz.
The hunting of Bahram Gour with his maid is one of the anecdotes related to the life of this Sassanid king, which has been described and narrated in various historical and literary sources in multiple forms and has been created on works of art in different styles in different periods.
Mitra Kavian's work is inspired by these famous paintings of the eighth and 9th century AH.
Inspired by the motifs of these paintings, Mitra Kavian has created an impressive and beautiful composition. He skillfully recreates details of these old Persian compositions using oil or acrylic techniques in contemporary style. For example, in this piece, the Gray colour in the background made this artwork unique. Also, the creation of statues and shrubs, the harmony of nature's landscape with the support of cold and warm colours, the image of wounded deers, the horses and riders in an invasion have created a harmonious combination between shape and colour.

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Mitra Kavian

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