Milad Gholami

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Visual Artist 

Milad started his journey when he was 9 years old in one of the small city in the west of Iran. He studied the first professional drawing course with Hojat Amani in 2008. He has been nominated in many Iranian local art festivals 

The current collections have been created in three years (2017-2019) and he is still working on this project. 


2018 | BFA in Painting, Art University of Isfahan, Iran

2014 | Diploma of Conservatory of Fine Art in Painting, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 | Tam Art Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

2019 | Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions:

2017 | Roshd Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

Project Statement:

The art of Iranian traditional painting has been of great importance in the development of Iran’s art history; the history that also shapes the artist’s nationality and cultural background. His interest in the elements of Persian painting, such as the use of flat and sharp colors, lack of perspective, the upward-looking angels, etc. motivated him to study the art of different eras such as the Safavid and Timurid periods. He adopted Persian paintings as the subject of his works and tried to use the features, structures, and the theme of these paintings on a new medium. In accordance with the current trends in contemporary art at this time, the artist seeks to use a distinct and contemporary language to express his understanding of Iranian artworks. He collects hubcaps which are industrial, daily consumption times, and uses them as a new platform to depict his own time and his own life.


I met Milad Gholami when he was very younger, a young man with a lot of perseverance, great care, and patience. He had tried to practice and proceed with the processing and style of original Persian miniaturists who has had been engaged with the imagery of romantic sonnets or illustrating the mythological battles of Shahnameh.
Later, he has perused City form and lifestyle of the middle-class people, and dare I say how successful he has come out. Through the combination of the unusual perspective of the popular western pop art and the eastern miniature perspective, ..., Milad Gholami has outlined beauteous illustrations on the wheels cover which narrate a story about the wheels and the life’s motions. Via this circle, in which he has cleverly utilized waste hubcaps, introduces us to the current consumer society in an eastern picture.
"Khosrow Hassanzadeh | Artist summer 2019"