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ERAN Gallery was established in 2016 to showcase the Iranian artists needing gallery representation in North America. We were almost the only gallery representing Iranian artists and proud of this target.
We are convinced that the digital space is invaluable for bringing transparency and equity to the art market. We provide our community with the tools to be presented accordingly in these countries. Our team is working hard and committing its energy to promote emerging and established visual artists across various media and genres. It remains committed to excellence in advertising and presenting exceptional contemporary fine art.

In presenting artists here, we also hope to allow art lovers and collectors alike to explore Persian new artistic horizons, embrace the cultures, and be inspired by the works of talented artists that they would never have come across if it wasn't for Eran Gallery. For so, Eran gallery has run two separate galleries, one is focused on Fine Art, and the other represents Artifacts.


​We recently developed our art community t the international artists as well. Taking an innovative outlook and employing its environmental capabilities, ERAN Gallery introduces the artworks and artifacts. Aimed at creating interactions between artists who love art and beauty, ERAN Galley hopes and will hopefully manage to stabilize the high status of decorative and applied art, introduce the rich historical and cultural background of this region's art to the North Americans and as well to the art lovers around the world through the four following objectives:


1. Responsibly taking into account the artist' and art lovers' rights

2. Observance of copyright

3. Creating a safe, assured place for artistic interactions

4. Support the preservation of the region's ethnic and national roots while using innovative methods

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